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I have known Sandra Williams for almost 19 years.
Sandra does a terrific job teaching on the Intelligent Horsemanship Courses and has care and compassion for horses and students alike.

I also receive an enormous amount of reports re. the work she does for horse owners when she's not teaching on the courses - and every one says how wonderful she is to which I couldn't disagree.
Kelly Marks founder of Intelligent Horsemanship Ltd

At the weekend we received our best ever Dressage test, he is a different horse. Can't thank you enough, Jenny & Duncan

Hi Sandra, I just wanted to say, Thank you for a fab Practical Skills Course and thank you so much for your amazing tuition over the years. I'm so grateful that my horse is now amazing because of your input. I am totally grateful.
Sam x 

I have wanted to write to you for ages. I want you to know what a huge effect you've had on my life. Back in 2009 I was on the IH Foundation Course and I'd just bought my first horse (my life ambition) 3 weeks before. It turned out he had a fractured medial sesamoid bone in his hind leg and the vet pronounced him loss of use.The fracture was a year old and I should get rid of him by sending him back to the man who turned out to be a dodgy dealer. Everyone said I must send him back, but I never felt quite right about it. Before the course I had agreed he must go....But then I spoke to you about it and you said "They all find us for a reason". I've never forgotten that, think I cried on you!! So when I returned home I decided Jester the Punk wasn't going anywhere, he'd be with me for life. I took him on walks when everyone else rode 2 - 3 times a week and started doing Pilates with him. At the start of the next year he would often gallop around with his friends and jump into the field with extra grass in it. He had been sound for a year but I never thought to get on. To cut a very massively story short! I very cautiously brought him back to a light hack and then he just continued to progress. I had a physio check him who said he seemed absolutely fine and that the fracture had healed. So at the end of the show season this year we were pronounced 'Showjumping Champions'!!!!!! He is a very happy, sound and healthy horse. I want to say Thank you so so so much for now I have the worlds most amazing horse who I love so much and he makes me smile everyday. Without you I would have listened to everyone else.....                                                      Thank you Anna Mulrenan xxx and 'The Punk!' xxx

I would like to say 'Thank You' for one of the best weeks of my life. You have really inspired me in more ways I can say. You are a fantastic teacher and your energy and passion in what you teach is great. Your guidance has given me a real confidence boost, thank you again. 
Tracey.F  Intelligent Horsemanship Student

You have a special gift of being able to put across information in a very 'pure' way which is absolutely clear and concise. 


Thank you again for another good training session, as I said things are really starting to take off all in the right direction. 
Thank you, Monty and all the team for sharing your knowledge for the good of us all and our soulful horses. 

Mel.W from Buckinghamshire



You've worked along side my daughter and myself                                                                                                                                             with our various horses and ponies for almost 12 years now. 

Your equine intuition, clear teaching and endless patience has helped us beyond measure to understand and handle our horses in such a way that is an absolute joy to be with them. 

Jane and Claire Gallimore from Hertfordshire



Since being put in touch with Sandra through the Intelligent Horsemanship office we now have a horse with a promising future ahead of her, gone from being nervous stressed and a danger to herself and those coming in contact with her. Thank you for your help and support.                Victoria.B from Oxfordshire


I will be eternally grateful to Sandra Williams for her help, support                                                                                                    and knowledge and for travelling a long way to come and work with us. 

Thank you Sandra.

Lissa Elcock & Murphy from Essex



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