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I have been asked by many people about worries and concerns their horses have with Loading and or Traveling. I have found it to be amongst one of the biggest concerns that horse owners have as it is a link to so many activities from moving yards, competing and traveling to the Vets. Sometimes it proves to be as simple as the horses learning how to approach and climb a ramp for others it is far more complicated as in the past they may have been involved in an incident/accident and for horses that only ever travel to move home can cause concern as well. My list of reasons grows weekly and every case is treated with understanding and sympathy for all parties.

Having great transport for a horse is essential and unfortunately some of the transport that I still come across today is not really fit for purpose. I really would strongly advise to get the best that your pocket can afford and if in doubt maybe try some self hire. This way you can also check the type of transport your horse may prefer, traveling herrinbone, facing backwards or forwards. There is no right or wrong just the same as where you may prefer to sit on a train.

Checking your horse is comfortable during traveling can take some investigation. Is their tempreture staying even, are they in a draft? Is there some horrid rattle or movement that is causing them anxiousness. Is your horse physically up to loading and traveling or does it put their body under duress that they just can't cope anymore and are certainly trying to let us know buy not loading. If the BBC's 'Krypton Factor' was based on Loading horses I'd be there as it is such an interesting puzzle, sometimes just a few chunky pieces to fit together and others that feel like a thousand tiny pieces and your not quite sure if a piece might have been lost altogether... and then you find it hiding quietly away.

I have been tutoring along side Kelly Marks at Intelligent Horsemanship on
'The Leading & Loading the trickier Equine' Course for over 10 years.
Students that have already attended the 5 Day Foundation Course are able to attend, so they have an already good understanding about 'Pressure & Release' and what it really means, for Pressure & Release is about far more than just a physical act. I have also attended Your Horse Live for several years with Intelligent Horsemanship showing how Loading can be achieved without pain and frustration and the horses learning how to want to load rather than just being loaded. Look out for us on Horse & Country T.V and the YHL website.

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