Sandra with Stuie, early training days
 San_Stuie  Sandra Williams 
Equine Behaviourist

Creating a Better World for
Horse & Human

Kaizen means continuously looking for oppotunities for improvemnet and ideas of how to do things in a better wayKaizen means continuously looking for opportunities for improvement and ideas of how to do things in No one should be constrained by "The way weíve always done it around here"; Instead everyone is encouraged to find different and better ways to do things

"Itís about learning constructively from setbacks,
but also about reviewing why things have been successful
so that we can reproduce that winning formula again"


"Itís all about confidence training, sensitivity training, allowing the curiosity and admiring the dignity"

            Black Horse Products by Sandra Williams

Demonstrations with Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks
1 Day, 2 Day and 5 Day Courses with Kelly Marks
Equine Behaviour Courses
around your horse and both have personal space"
"The Length is so sensible allowing you to work safely 
with the Dually Halter - it's a dynamite combination"
"A Fabulous product and when used in conjunction 
doesn't fray and fall to pieces after a few weeks"
"At last a high quality leading rope which 
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