Sandra & Jack with Kelly & Pie

         Blenheim Fun Ride 2014



My home is set in the Chiltern Hills in an area of outstanding natural beauty;

it is an idyllic setting for both horse and human to soak up knowledge and experience.

With Red Kites soaring above, the Windmill gently turning you will be put at ease instantly.






I would like you to obtain a small insight into my life, allowing you to decide if I may be suitable to help you and your horse develop a better understanding of each other.



Working full time as a Recommended Trainer of the Intelligent Horsemanship Association I cover an area 20 mile radius to HP27 0QG. Since 2001 a large part of my working life has been part of Kelly Marks tutoring team on the Foundation, Perfect Manners and Intermediate courses including Leading & Loading the trickier Equine. This keeps me up to date with new developments as well as working alongside some fabulous colleagues with many individual strengths which allow us to share experiences and ideas.


I have been invited to Lecture at Berkshire College of Agriculture with the first and second year equine students. These lectures were hands on for the students which included Ground Handling and Long Lining. After the success of these visits the College invited me back for more Lectures and Demo's working this time as well with the HND Students.

Sandra Williams Intelligent Horsemanship Demo BCA 19/10/18

Sandra came to give a talk and demo on Intelligent Horsemanship to our Equine Level 3 first year students at BCA to help with their assignment on Ground Schooling Methods in the Theory of Equitation module. The session began in the classroom where Sandra talked the students through a horse’s natural instincts from being prey animals. We then moved to the arena where the round pen was ready.

The first horse came in, a young cob called Lady, who has been having problems picking up her feet. To gain Lady’s trust, Sandra began by demonstrating join up to the students which Lady picked up very quickly. The dually halter was then put on and Sandra demonstrated the use of pressure and release, and used this as a way of getting Lady lighter on her feet. Then, with the use of a prop and from the work beforehand, Sandra worked with Lady and got her to pick her feet up in a calm, easy way which pleased the students.

The second horse, Pablo, is a tricky character who can be a little untrusting of people on the ground. Sandra worked with him brilliantly and even managed to get Pablo to follow her whilst holding an open umbrella over her head. Myself, the other staff and the students were thrilled and very proud of how much Pablo progressed in a short space of time. Sandra then fed back to the yard staff with some techniques to help handle Pablo on the ground, including how she had identified he was very uncomfortable with eye contact.
The students really enjoyed the demo and found it really insightful. None of them had any experience of Intelligent Horsemanship and Sandra has now improved their understanding and awareness greatly. Thank you! 

Harriet Kitching BHSII/BHS Senior Coach at BCA

Your Horse Live Stonleigh we showed two demonstrations about successful Loading including preparation exercises. I was asked by Kelly Marks to be one of the 4 Intelligent Horsemanship representatives to showcase Intelligent Horsemanship in the Main Arena. I loved the opportunity of working with Maverick the 18hh Coloured Gelding of whom you may of seen with me on Horse & Country T.V. The following year again in the Main Arena showcasing Intelligent Horsemanship along side Kelly & Monty. I had been invited to RSPCA Millbrook to offer staff training and what a great day we had. The sun shone, the horses were a great mix and the staff, I have been told thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience where they all got to be hands on too. 


"We are what we repeatedly do. 
Excellence, therefore, 
 is not an act but a habit".


I quote "I have had Horses in my life for over 40 yrs and believe I've been very honoured, You can gather a lot of information over that period of time and I am lucky to be able to put it to good use."






Sandra & Bradley at Windsor Great Park



I grew up with horses, competing from an early age for over 25 years in several disciplines enjoying the many ups and downs of the Show Jumping ring and Cross Country courses. My formal training was attending a BHS establishment where I went on to teach for 12 years in a riding school. I also worked freelance with horses exercising, show preparation and stable management. 

In 1999 my life changed forever, it was when I began training with Kelly Marks that I found the last piece of the puzzle or was it the first piece of a new one. I was so inspired having watched Monty Roberts in 1996 that I started to plan.  

Here at last I was in a round pen learning 'Join-up' with a young unhandled horse. I completed all stages of my Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship and became a Recommended Trainer at the beginning of 2002.


In 2014 I passed my level 1 UK Coaching Certificate in Generic Riding and the Principals of Coaching Sport. This has reignited a passion I had put on the back burner. At the beginning of 2015 I was Accredited to Horse Agility to become a Trainer. This is a fun and exciting way of spending time with your horse. Competing in an exciting horse sport without the need to ride which means it suits everyone.


When and where ever possible I like to keep things simple, clean and natural, part of my course work to becoming a Recommended Trainer was to present a Psychology project and I decided to explore 'Bach Flower Remedies' and effects that they could have to help our horses, this led me to studying at Regents College London, Mount Vernon and the Natural Animal Centre in the use of 'Bach Flower Remedies' which can offer great emotional support to both Horse and Human.


I make and sell Black Horse Products 'The Ultimate Working Lead Rope', Quick Clip Reins and Figure 8 Foal Handlers these can be found on the shopping page. I also use as part of my tool kit 'Forever Living Products', you will find information on these great products as you explore this site.


A large part of my team are my horses, they support horses visiting my stables as well as myself and everyone coming to learn, I couldn’t do it without them. They are four very individual characters which you will notice from their photo's and the various activities they get up to. Echo is the strong silent leader (RIP 29/03/13) was a rock for us all. Wispa is the noise maker and eataholic now a mere 34 (RIP 25/03/17). Bones is the comedian, bucket carrier and fly mask remover at 23 and last but by no means least is Jack the youngest and newest member of the team at 18, finding his feet and exploring his own identity. 

Some of the other horses featured through this site will be characters who have either spent time here with us all or who I have visited on my journey and have brought me to where I am today, I thank them.


I can help with Leading, Loading, Catching, Farrier, Clipping, Confidence and much more.

Sandra has returned to competion, after almost 15 years away Sandra has been working hard to return to competition and this time taking on a new challenge  British Dressage. Sandra's beloved horse Jack and herself have been working hard to get fit and prepared for Sunday's competition, breaking things down in to manageable chunks, just to give you some idea of what they have been up to, if you had been flying over Sandra's garden you would have seen a mini Dressage arena marked out for her to practice in on her own two feet... More recently trying hand and hoof at Showing with great success.

                       Intelligent Horsemanship 

               'The Perfect Partnership for Success'





"Communication is the key - 
pass it on..."






















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